Contents of the draft

As it is important to know what the online draft would look like, we would like to let you know various terms included in the online draft and we have summarized them below one by one.

One important thing to note is, this online draft for rent agreement is available in only language and that is English.

The draft covers almost all important aspects required for a healthy leave and license agreement, while it also provides an facility to input extra terms limited to 1000 characters (including spaces) to make the draft more customer friendly and cover other mutual agreed terms. Kindly go through each of them.



Here the draft starts with date and place of execution mentioning the details of both the parties i.e Licensor/s (Owner) and the Licensee/s specifying the absolute possession of the licensor and stating that the licensor is/are desirous of giving the said premises mentioned in schedule I on leave and license basis under section 24 of Maharashtra Rent control act 1999.

Whereas the licensee is in need of temporary premises for Residential/Non-Residential use has approached the licensor with a request to allow the licensee to use and occupy the said premises on leave and license basis for a period of XX months commencing from xx/xx/20xx and ending on xx/xx/20xx on following terms

1. Period

Here the period of revocable leave and license is defined in terms of months of license and the commencement date along with the end date of the license

2. License Fee & Deposit

In this clause, the monthly compensation payable by the licensee is mentioned along with the amount of interest free refundable deposit and non refundable deposit amount if any further mentioning that the monthly compensation be paid by the licensee within first five days of the concerned month.

3. Payment of Deposit

Here the details of security deposit are mentioned like the amount, mode of transaction like cash/cheque/DD/RTGS/NEFT etc along with name and branch of the bank and date is mentioned, in case of cash only cash is mentioned.

4. Maintenance Charges

In this section it is expressively mentioned as to who among the Licensor/Licensee would pay the taxes, levies, society maintenance charges etc for the licensed premises.

5. Electricity Charges

Here it is clearly stated that the licensee has to pay the energy charges regularly and submit original receipts to the licensor.

6. Use

In this section it is made clear to the licensee that the purpose of granting license to occupy the said premises for the licensed period is for which purpose i.e Residential or Non Residential, while it holds the licensee responsible to maintain the premises in existing condition it also makes the licensee responsible to repair any damages done at his own cost, it also sets guideline to the licensee not to cause any nuisance to the other occupants of the building or to prejudice in any manner to the rights of Licensor in respect of said premises or shall not do any unlawful activities prohibited by State or Central law.

7. Alteration

Prohibits the licensee from altering any internal or external construction arrangements without consent in writing from the licensor

8. No Tenancy

States that the licensee shall not claim any tenancy rights and shall not have any right to transfer, assign, sublet or grant any license or sub license in respect of the said premises or any part thereof and also shall not mortgage or raise any loan against the said premises.

9. Inspection

That, the Licensor shall on reasonable notice given by the Licensor to the Licensee shall have a right of access either by himself / herself / themselves or through authorized representative to enter, view and inspect the Licensed premises at reasonable intervals.

10. Lock in period

If both the parties wish to have a lock in period they can define the no of months of lock in period here. This lock in period is binding to both, the licensee and the licensor.

11. Cancellation

That, Subject to the condition of lock in period (if any), if the Licensee commits default in regular and punctual payments of monthly compensation as herein before mentioned or commit/s breach of any of the terms, covenants and conditions of this agreement or if any legislation prohibiting the Leave and License is imposed, the Licensor shall be entitled to revoke and / or cancel the License hereby granted, by giving notice in writing of one month and the Licensee too will have the right to vacate the said premises by giving a notice in writing of one month to the Licensor as mentioned earlier.

12. Possession

That the immediately at on the expiration or termination or cancellation of this agreement the Licensee shall vacate the said premises without delay with all his goods and belongings. In the event of the Licensee failing and / or neglecting to remove himself and / or his articles from the said premises on expiry or sooner determination of this Agreement ,the Licensor shall be entitled to recover damages at the rate of double the daily amount of compensation per day and or alternatively the Licensor shall be entitled to remove the Licensee and his belongings from the Licensed premises, without recourse to the Court of Law.

13. Miscellaneous

Any other conditions can be inputted here with an limit of 1000 characters and that is approximately 9 to 10 lines. We also try to guide you about how we could move ahead with this section after hearing your part of conditions agreed upon by both the parties and we do not charge any fees for the same.

Schedule I

Description of the licensed property is mentioned here like the Flat/shop/Shed no, Name of building/premises, address, Survey No, Gat No, CTS No, Milkat no, Grampanchayat House No, area in sq fts, parking space if any etc etc is noted here.

Schedule II

Here details of furnitures and fixtures can be included by selecting items available in the list and inputting the total no of each item. For example the list contains Tubelights, bulbs, fans, air cooler, electric geyser, gas geyser, curtains, tables, chairs, cupboards etc etc where one has to just input the total no of available items. This adds to comfort of the licensor and the licensee and makes the draft an all inclusive one.