How much will the online leave and license agreement cost ?

How to use the calculator ?

  1. Select number of Months
  2. Input the rent but keep in mind since the calculator does not have variable rent inputs to define increment in rent per year kindly input the average rent to get more accurate results
  3. The stamp duty is not rounded off and so while paying the stamp duty on GRAS Portal, it would be rounded off to next hundred
  4. This calculator will serve its purpose to get an idea of total cost to nearest possible exact value
  5. The final stamp duty, registration fees, service charges and visit charges along with GST would be communicated on query
  6. Important Notice : While calculating the estimate charges for any property in Palghar District, it should be noted that due to some technical issues with the portal, kindly select Nagarpalika Area or Urban Area
  7. Minimum Stamp Duty payable is Rs 100/-
  8. We work with highest ethics and transparency so we request you to kindly share your GSTIN nos for invoice so that we can provide better service
  9. GST is applicable only on our professional charges and visit charges and not on any kind of stamp duty or registration fees paid
  10. We will come up with variable rent calculator soon, till then kindly input average rent in case of incremental rents over multiple years span


The visit charges mentioned are for visits limited to Dahanu Municipal Council area only for other visits related to online rent agreement registration in areas like Palghar, Boisar, Vangaon, Mumbai, Nashik, Pune etc  call us to know more