FAQs regarding online leave and license registration

What are the Requirements

Aadhar and Pan of Owner(s) / (Licensors)

Latest property tax receipt of Municipal Corp/ Nagar Parishad/ Grampanchayat

Aadhar and Pan (if available) of the Licensee(s) (in case of individual)

Aadhar of Witnesses

Details of Deposit Amount (Cash/RTGS/NEFT/Cheque)

Other requirements

In case of Licensee being a Company

Authorization Letter

Company Pan


Incorporation Certificate

*  Requirements are dependent of type of company, for partnership firm, partnership deed is required

Is this valid ?

This is valid at par with a document executed at any Sub Registrar office, since the process involves just execution and admission on our part, the final approval is subject to satisfaction of the concerned Sub Registrar and the draft being an model template for everyone in most of the cases there are no queries from the Sub Registrar and usually the documents get registered in matter of 2 to 3 days ! The soft copies bear seal of the Sub Registrar along with the document no and date of registration making it a registered document and fully legal

Can we add extra terms to the template ?

As explained in the previous answer, this is a model template drafted by the department it usually covers all the aspects of a leave and license document, yet there are times and situations where need to include some extra conditions arise, for that purpose, we have an option to mention all the extra conditions framed in one section limited to 1000 characters, so usually this solves most of the requirements of a owner or a tenant too.

What are the benefits of Online Leave and License ?

We live in a fast paced world, where finding time is an difficult and expensive task, either you have to take an off from your business or your job or have to face the loss in the form of salary cuts for the day, here is where this process comes to help you all, no more shutting down your business or taking an paid leave from your job !

  • Online leave and license can be done on holidays too !!! yes you read that right ! 24 x 7 x 365 days !
  • This process gives you flexibility to pre-book appointment and execute the document at your convenient time !
  • You do not need to visit the sub registrar office to which your property belongs !
  • No need to wait for hours at the Sub Registrar office for your turn
  • You can book an home visit (if within serviceable area) and get your document execution and admission part carried out right at your doorsteps ! Isn’t that great for all Senior Citizens too ?
  • The licensor and licensee have the flexibility of separate time as per their comfort !

There are so many great things about this process, call us for more information, we will be happy to assist you.

Can we include details of movable items ?

Yes ! One can input details of common items like number of fans, lights, geysers, cupboards, tables, chairs, Refrigerator, Air Cooler, Water Cooler, Curtains which are part of a list that has been provided by the department, this makes the draft an all inclusive detailed one and is helpful for both the licensor and licensee in long term.

How many witnesses ?

As this is an online process it requires two witnesses for both the sides, but if any two witnesses are commonly known to both the parties and ready to be part of the license as witnesses for both the sides then only 2 witnesses are required which is what the general requirement is in most of the cases.

So just 2 witnesses above the age of 18 years are required with their UID Card ( Aadhar Card) at the time of execution of leave and license agreement

Will Society and institutions like bank accept this agreement ?

Yes ! Since it has been registered at the concerned Sub Registrar Office through electronic channel, it will be accepted by the society, banks, gas agencies, RTO office or most other places where address proof is required

Is Home Visit Available ?

Yes home and office visit facility is available. Visits in Dahanu Municipal Council area would be done as per the department’s specified fees of Rs 300 per visit per party for any other places kindly contact us to know whether we would be able to serve you or not but in most of the areas like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Thane, Navi Mumbai etc we hopefully can arrange a visit. Kindly contact us for charges and availability in your required area

Can I get an idea of approximate charges?

Yes, we have built an simple calculator to give you an idea of the approximate cost for execution of your required leave and license. Kindly note that since the calculator does not have variable rent input facility in case of increment in rent, we request you to kindly input average rent to get better result or else the final amount of stamp duty may vary by a small margin.

For properties located anywhere in Palghar District one has to select Nagarpalika Area only while calculating the estimate charges since the portal has some technical issues with mapping of villages and ZP of Palghar District.


Have a look at our stamp duty and registration fee calculator :

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